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Fresh, ripe strawberries; crisp, juicy watermelon; sweet and tart pineapple… Are you hungry for some summer fruit yet?? Our August theme for #MonthlyMani is, you guessed it, Summer Fruit! I love summer fruits and their rich colors are perfect for creating bright, festive nail designs. ...
There are so many fun ways you can you use striping tape for nail art. You can use it as a guide for straight lines, for stripey nails or colour blocking nails. You can also use the tape itself as decoration. The XL size tape would be wasted as just a nail guide. Instead, create a statement nail...
Het leuke aan deze nail art is dat hij super simpel is om te maken maar er heel ingewikkeld uit ziet. Het enige wat je hoeft te doen is diagonale lijnen te trekken van de ene zijkant naar de andere. In feite maak je steeds kruisjes die elkaar overlappen. Dit doe je net zolang totdat je nagels...
This light orange, white and nude matte ensemble works totally well especially when you want a chic look. Add some gold studs for the plain parts and it’s instantly a great design
There’s this white part in the bottom of our nails that is usually referred to as a “moon” because of its crescent shape. However, this part is actually called the lunula. A lot of nail art designs has been based on this white part of the nail.There are the Crescent Moon designs that outline the...
Wonderful looking black and white French tip. Partner this classic French tip with a light blush color as the base
Black polish dragonfly nail art. A very pretty and artistic nail art that uses black, white and glitter colors to complete the mysterious dark effect on the nails.
Baby pink, white and black nail polish combination. Arranged to form a plaid nail art design, the nails are also painted with matte white and baby pink colors.
Halloween may seem light-years away, but if last-minute Halloween costumes stress you out, then you know it’s never too early to start planning for a killer getup. Halloween makeup and hair are a given, but the perfect costume isn’t complete without an amazing mani. This year we’ve pulled out all...
Here comes one among the best nail art style concepts and simplest nail art layout for beginners. It looks easy, stylish and fashionable and you could additionally play around with the colors. So as to feature and add a bit something more in your overall look, making an investment time to find an...
There are some awesome nail arts introduced in today’s post. I don’t think you will miss them. From bright colors to dark colors, you will find many a stylish nail designs to rock everyday. Have no hesitation to check them out - See more at:...
Hi there! I’m so excited to share with you some magnificent nail designs that you are going to love and would love to copy as soon as you see them. They are so cheerful, and will put you instantly in the summer mood. Ladies scroll down and take a look at the Colorful And Cute Chevron Nail Designs...
When it comes to nail polish colors a lot of people want to be creative in their own ways. More often than not they will choose a color that they like such as their favorite colors. On other times people will choose colors that mean something special to them. It really depends on what color or...
These nail designs are quite versatile, so you will for sure find one that you will love to copy. You can choose a nail design that have these two patterns on separate nails or have the two of them on one nail. And since there are many nail polish colors, you can choose from versatile nail designs
You think that nail art design is always too complex and you scare to make your nail looking cute ? Don’t worry we are presentiing you now 32 really simple but really cute nail art design ideas dont be shame to choose from it and to make it.Enjoy
This past week, here in Utah, we have had fantastic weather that has given us just a little glimpse of summer temperatures. So for this weeks nails, I thought it would be perfect to have nails that give us just a small glimpse of those beautiful flowers we all can’t wait to see this summer. Here is...
The Leaves are changing color and things are getting all cozy! Time to get focused on the talons and fall for these awesome nail designs that will carry you right through to Thanksgiving and beyond
These days, nail art is high in trend and fashion, and girls always search for something new to add-on to their looks. We girls, always want to look attractive. We can see there are several nail art salons and professionals. Their work is just mind blowing.
Beautiful nails might put you in an instant good mood. No matter how old you are, decorating your nails will always make you look more spirit and vitality. The follow nail art ideas that you will love
There are no boundaries when it comes to the creativity that you can have when you are painting your very own nail art design. It’s great to cook up unique designs for your nails in an effort to stand out and express yourself. You can find plenty of ideas out there to help you recreate your very...
This clean and lovely Chevron nail art design is accompanied by a nail full of daisies and the remaining are simply with a single rhinestone for effect. This is to not overdo the design plus it gives a mature but feminine vibe
Leopard print nail art design in hot pink nail polish. Use black polish to detail the leopard prints as well as a darker pink polish for the additional leopard print details
Halloween isn’t really Halloween if you don’t have the nails that look the part. As if you wouldn’t you want to freak out the person sitting next to you on the train with a set of blood splattered claws
Nowadays, there are many ways to have beautiful nails. We love bright colors, different patterns and styles. In this post, I’d like to provide you with some nail designs that are very easy to make yet still look gorgeous. To those nail art beginners, they don’t have refined skills and techniques...
March 20 marks the first day of Spring 2015. The snow has melt and sea breeze has eventually defeated cold wind, bringing the warm breeze blown over the land. It’s the time to say bye-bye to Winter. To celebrate the season of rebirth and new beginning, we prepared a collection of gorgeous nail...
Bring cuteness to Thanksgiving with this lovely design! We love that the base color is nude because it makes the orange pumpkins really pop. We think a matte top coat would finish the look off perfectly.
Here we have rounded up some examples of trendy, stylish and chic fall themed nail art designs for your inspiration. Take time to browse through these pictures and welcome the warmer hues of fall with your favorite one. Hope our list will give you plenty of chic nail design ideas this fall. Enjoy
Pick two polishes that you would like as the top coat. From here you can already experiment on which type of nail color combination you wish to have, they can be on contrasting or blending colors. It is usual for Ombre nails to have blending colors, however it is always up to you on which color...
Beautiful and decorated nails catch attention instantly and who will not love it! It says a lot about your style and mood. Sometimes funky other times elegant and classy. Well, whatever your mood is we have curated all different types of polka dots design to go with it. Since polka dots nail art...
The season of giving is nearing and when you have done your Christmas preparations, the next thing to do would be to get yourself ready for Christmas. This is the season where a lot of things are happening at the same time. Being the most awaited occasion all year long, a lot of things are being...
Gradient nail art and silver glitter nail art designed in French tips. Stand out of the crowd with beautiful nail art decorated with Glitter Powder
Glitter Nail Designs are continually a terrific choice for the winter time, especially around the holidays. They may boost your glamorous look. Select the colors which will match together with your outfit and decide if you may go together with an all glitter nail layout, or blended with a few...
We’ve searched the Instagram in order to find the best nail designs for everyone’s taste. For the most looks you don’t need any skills, just steady hand
Do you need some nail design inspiration for your nails? Lets see the best 37 follow nail designs! We’ve searched the Instagram and tumblr in order to find the best nail designs for everyone’s taste
How to show your creativity To paint your nails is to show off your imagination for your manicure. Since girls are never tired of painting pretty nail arts, they will experience with vivid polishing themes. Today prettydesigns will give you girls a new nail idea for the next season. We don’t think...
What better way to spend your time that painting your nails. The beauty of painting nails is that you can change them every few weeks and can also be seasonal. Therefore if you’re someone who loves getting into the trend and trying something new then you should definitely start getting into nail art
Another thing why nail art designs have become a phenomenon is that they prove to be one of the best fashion accessories which women and even men could have. They apply to people in all ages. Owing to that more and more people today strive to create more unique and one of a kind designs
We collected the trendy nail art design ideas that will inspire you for your next manicure project! Start browsing and get inspired. Hope you like it
When it comes to doing anchor nail designs, you can have a wide variety of designs to choose. Several different patterns can be mixed and matched along with the anchor designs, such as the polka dots, strips, chevron patterns and more. Blue and white stripes are generally the patterns that are seen...
If you really wish to stand out from the rest then the metallic nail art designs are best for you. Not only are they shiny, shimmery and obviously attention catchers, they also make you look classy and feel gorgeous. These types of nail art designs are perfect for people who want to make a...
Beautiful nails might put you in an instant good mood. No matter how old you are, decorating your nails will always make you look more spirit and vitality. The follow nail art ideas that you will love
Leopard prints are a trend nowadays. From clothes to shoes to bags and even to nail art designs, they have been conquering the modern fashion world. The designs look really pretty and fancy which is why you might have trouble trying to decide which leopard print looks best on your nails
When it comes to women’s nail art or manicures, there are numerous ways and themes to choose from. Star nail art, Hello Kitty nail art, zebra nail art, flower nail designs are a few examples among the various themes that women can choose for their nails
Are you looking for a new interesting way to color your nails, but you’ve run out of ideas? Don’t worry we’re here to help you by suggesting you go Ombre for your nails this summer! It’s a really fun and innovative manicure solution that’s new and fresh. We’re sure you’ve tried applying all sorts...
From ‘5 Summer Fruit Nail Art Designs’ to ‘Easy Palm Tree Nail Art’ here’s 18 gorgeous nail art designs you can bling your fingers with this summer. All the tutorials are super easy to follow and with a bit of practice you can get the exact same look – just keep at it, you’ll get there eventually
Nail art is everywhere right now, from the pages of top fashion magazines to the nails of that cool girl who works at the coffee shop on the corner. It may be difficult at first, but follow the step by step instructions, making nail art can be fun and easy
Amp up that classic black mani with a little glitz and gold in this week’s Black and Gold Dotted Nail Tutorial! With just three simple gold dots, you get a minimalist look that’s absolutely perfect for any occasion! Loving this mani? Follow our steps below to try it for yourself
Need some nail art inspiration? Get ready for some manicure magic as we bring you the hottest nail designs from celebrities, beauty brands and the catwalks. Check out the cute, quirky, and incredibly unique nail art designs that are inspiring the hottest nail art trends.
The color of the year 2015 was Marsala and as this year is approaching to end, you should get familiar with the color that will take the stage in 2016. And this time, Pantone has chosen not only one color but two of them – rose quartz and serenity. Rose quartz is a blushing pink shade with peach...
Beautiful nails might put you in an instant good mood. No matter how old you are, decorating your nails will always make you look more spirit and vitality. The follow nail art ideas that you will love
You’ve been prepping for months and months for the big day. You’ve picked the hairstyle. You’ve picked your makeup. And of course you’ve picked THE dress. But you may be forgetting one tiny detail. Well, actually ten of them. When your significant other, who you love with all your heart and soul,...
The red color is a timeless color for nails, it looks feminine and passionate. You will never go wrong with choosing classic red for your nails. But, if you want to make them even more interesting you can add different designs and shapes on them. In this post you will find 10 amazing nail ideas...
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